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Mountains or Turtles

I am going to renew my license plate. I've never had a specialty plate or a personalized plate. I don't have my name or the firm I work for on my car. The car is an '01 Subaru Forester. All this probably says a lot about me. First, I'm not comfortable driving a billboard on wheels. I like to fly under the radar. Second, I'm cheap. I can't justify changing vehicles. We're in a slow market and "if it ain't broke,......." It's not the greatest for showing clients around, but so far I haven't lost anyone because of it. At least I don't know about it if I have. So back to the license plates.

Blue Ridge ParkwaySave the Turtles

Here's my quandary. I've been wanting to get the Blue Ridge Parkway plate ever since it came out a few years back. I've traveled the distance of it, a part of it runs through the opposite corner of the State where we bought a little farm awhile back. I've always thought of myself as a mountain girl at heart but somehow ended up at the coast where we've spent the last twenty-five years raising up a bunch of girls in the "up until lately" sleepy little waterfront town of Southport at the mouth of the Cape Fear River. If you live far away, you've probably never heard of it, unless you like watching The Weather Channel when there's a hurricane lurking. They love to come ashore RIGHT HERE and follow the river up to the center of the state, then work their way back out to sea in time to carry a little wallop up to the Northeast. We've been through lots of 'em. Maybe it's Jim Cantori's fault but about the time he started showing up, so did all the people.

Nothing has slowed down the influx of folks moving here from all over until the price of real estate spiraled so high that bubble had to burst. We're two years into this slow down and it looks like we're in it for awhile longer. I waited fifteen years after getting my Broker's license to get into real estate. Now, focusing as a Buyer's Agent, I am fortunate to work at a place I love, Loggerhead Realty, named after our native giant sea turtle that crawls up on our island beaches on summer nights to lay her eggs. The turtles are endangered and the nests are patrolled and protected by several State and Federal entities. So it should be a "no brainer" that I select the "save the turtles" plate instead of the Parkway one for my car. I think my mind is made up though. So if anyone out there sees a light green Subaru Forester with a Blue Ridge Parkway license plate that says KBHR on it, please introduce yourself. If anyone can guess what the KBHR stands for, I'll have to come up with a little prize of some sort.

I have much to learn but there's plenty of time. It's all about the journey.

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