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A Fall Teaser - September in Southport NC

Every year when September rolls around, it is always a sweet relief. At the same time I find myself feeling a bit melancholy as yet another summer passes. I have always loved 5September. January may be our official New Year marker, but I’ve never been able to shake the feeling that September is truly the time for reflection and reinvention. It's something palpable that I feel every year at this time and I don't have the words to explain. Outside, the sky and water are bluer, the marshes are still as green as can be, and the light changes are subtle but stunning. Warm days, cool nights and mornings.. can you tell I am ready for this?

Coming up Saturday the 14th, the City of Southport is the sponsoring , an outdoorplein air event, to support artists in the area and bring public art to our streets. From 8:30 to 2:30, each artist will create an original painting of Southport’s historic landscape and buildings. The event is free for artists and the public. For more information contact Cindy Brochure, Director of Tourism, at 910-523-6124 or

Don't forget Friday night the 20th, the will be performing songs from the Great American Songbook as presents Jazz at the Cape Fear a fundraiser to benefit their project for a new State Park near Southport formerly the 600 acres of waterfront property along the Cape Fear River being considered for an International shipping terminal. Check out the amazing entrees!

wooden boatshow posterDown at the old Yacht Basin, the 4th annual is expected to be bigger and better than ever! The event kicks off at 10am Saturday, September 28th. There will be all shapes and sizes of wooden boats on display plus, nautical arts and crafts, maritime demonstrations, kid's events, and a chowder cook-off, so get your taste buds ready. Contact: Bert Felton – 910.617.9667 Organized by the Southport Wooden Boat Show Committee and sponsored by . Here is a nice from the from last year's boat show.

king mackeralPeeking over to October, it's that time again! The annual kicks off again the 3rd-5th. It's the largest king mackerel tournament in North Carolina and the second largest on the East coast! With over $100,000 in prizes, there's plenty at stake, plus live music, food, and beverages, on Saturday at the . Come watch in the afternoon as the boats bring in their hopeful catch to the weigh-in. Public welcome.

September - It's a time to enjoy, a time to remember sweet summer days… it's the start of the Fall fishing season, and it's time to clean out the backyard fire pit, cause you know this is an "R" month and that means oysters! Yeah baby, bring it on!


On a final note, for all you Safe Haven fans out there, and believe me there are thousands of you ready to pack your bags and move to Southport, hold onto your dreams. With a population of only 2800, we are seeing a steady stream of folks itching to get their little piece of heaven that is Southport. If you want to keep tabs on current homes on the market and get a heads up on new properties as the are listed, just give me a call or shoot me an email. I'd love to help you find something! 910.540.0551



Safe Haven – Southport NC - Showing Off Our True Colors

20It’s no doubt that folks in were chomping at the bit last week, waiting for the local and national premier of the movie Safe Haven on Valentine's Day. The town has never looked so good and many were heard leaving the theatre saying the real star of the movie was indeed Southport. As a long-time resident, I can't disagree. Our little town of fit Nicholas Sparks' Safe Haven script like a glove... as it was the author's first movie that takes place in the same NC town as the book. The local scene was quite a hit with the actors and production crew as well, with many local business benefitting by the filming and patronage at many of our favorite local haunts including, , , , , and . Here is some of what they had to say... Quotes are from Wilmington Star interviews by Cassie Foss

Josh Duhamel

Q: What was filming in Southport like?last_1

A: "It was one of the best movie-making experiences I've ever been a part of. You've got little town, you've got all these great people, you've got these beaches and warm water. was awesome. It's a really hoppin' little place. How often do you get to shoot a movie in the town that the story is written about? It was something I won't forget."

Q: What kind of reception did you get from the locals?

A: "It's a very small-town feel, similar to what I grew up in. It was just a very friendly kind of community that welcomed us and made us feel very at home. I actually loved hanging out …with the people from Southport and Oak Island. How can you not be talkative when everyone's showing love? I've been places that were not as welcoming or easygoing."

Q: Do you think that easygoing charm will come across in the film?

yacht basin_16A: I think will come across in the movie. does an amazing job of capturing that feel of, there's a simplicity and appreciation for life that you feel. It's a slower pace, which is nice, and there's a pace and a tone to this movie that is really cathartic in a lot of ways. It ramps up as you go, but you can really feel the essence of Southport in the movie.

David Lyons

Q: What was filming in Southport like?

A: "I had a little place just above the . I would wake up every morning – it was just me and my dog – I'd go down and grab some breakfast down by the water. It was beautiful and the people there were beautiful. I cannot speak highly enough of the way we were treated in Southport and also just the general beauty of the people and the place. It holds a very special place in my heart now.

If the film goes really well, then I think Southport's gonna get a lot of attention … It's not like when you go to a town andsafe haven _17 you're like, "It kinda looks the way it did in the film." It totally is the film. It's like a character in it. You see the Yacht Basin, you see Fishy Fishy and all these places along the waterfront and Oak Island. It's just so Southport, which is awesome. I think if it somehow helps the town, then that will be fantastic. Southport helped us so much, so hopefully the film will also help it."

Julianne Hough from

"It’s not every day that you get to shoot in the location where the story is set. It’s gorgeous in Southport and I just loved it. It’s kind of a hidden gem. Everything about it was amazing. It was honestly one of the best summers of my life so far because it was so calm. I loved the breeze, the nature; the people on the street were so lo-key and chill. Instead of running up to us, like, ‘Oh, my God,’ they were like, ‘Hey, how are you enjoying our town?’ It was really nice. And, oh my Gosh, the Christmas store. On down time, we’d go there – Christmas in the summer! – and buy Christmas ornaments. It was a really cute place. I think something about the South in general, you have more time in the day and you get to enjoy each moment and not rush to the next."

Nicholas Sparks

parade40"I think Southport is one of the most beautiful towns.  Ten years ago, I was here for the filming of A Walk to Remember.  I remember walking down here and I said, “I have to find a book for this place one day."

And he did! Sparks has a lot of nice things to say about Southport in an interview with … The box office numbers for it’s Valentine’s Day opening and first weekend, , more than it cost to produce the entire movie!

And Don’t forget the kids! They did a terrific job. Watch them .

The local pride was overwhelming for some. "To see my hometown of 60 years on the big screen like that – I can’t describe how that feels," said City Clerk Regina Alexander. "I’m so, so proud."

Bravo Southport... well done!


4th of July in Southport NC – All for the Love of Food, Fun, Family, and Freedom

30In spite of record-breaking temperatures, they still come. And they come in droves. They come for the funnel cakes, the bloomin' onions, the crafts, the music, the street dance, the parade, and the fireworks.  But for those living in Southport, porch-sitting, crowd-watching, corn-holing, hotdog-eating, margarita-mixing, and other various modes of chillin' are a welcomed respite.

The town never looks better than it does right now. If you feel that there seems to be a serious lack of patriotism in our59 country these days, then this is just what the doctor ordered. For the next five days, Southport will transform itself into a virtual sea of red, white, and blue. Under the canopy of ancient live oaks, will hold over a hundred artist and craftsman booths, and enough food vendors to keep you satisfied until you can make your way down to the bottom of Howe St. for serious festival food and 'round the clock live music and Cape Fear river backdrop rounding out the scene.

4th of July_southport_2010_43The on Saturday will be a heated one this year… literally. The forecast calls for hot, hot, hot. I really don’t know how they do it in full turn-out gear. The popular on the Garrison lawn is Tuesday, with registration at 8am and free t-shirts to the early birds.  Also on Tuesday at the Garrison is the quite moving starting at 4pm. With the 4th falling on a Wednesday this year, the main events are a lot more spread out and I’m guessing crowds will be smaller.  North Carolina's largest and oldest starts at 11AM and no matter how many times you see it, it is ALWAYS a huge crowd-pleaser. The bands, the belles, the clowns, the Shriners, the dancers, and much more, make for an all around old-fashioned good time.

Southport’s 4th of July Festival, of course, ends with a BANG at 9:00 PM as fireworks over the water put the suitable4th of July_southport_fireworks_320 exclamation point on the entire celebration. I can say for sure the fireworks are still my favorite part...lying on a blanket by the water...watching the bobbing of boats out in the river until the launch barge fires that first missile in the air. Then it's just time to relax and enjoy the show.

So if you fancy a simpler time......if you still like parades and pageantry, music and street dances, the smell of greasy food, kids and parents in their finest red, white, and blue.....well you might just like what the Southport 4th of July festival has to offer. I'm pretty sure there's not a birthday celebration anywhere quite like it. One little for the visitors. Park on the EAST side of Howe St. facing out of town and you'll find your traffic time cut in half when you leave after the fireworks. Be safe and "let freedom ring."
Happy Birthday America.

4th of July_southport_2010_48 4th of July_southport_2010_61 4th of July_southport_2010_8
4th of July_southport_2010_3 4th of July_08_306[5] 51

For more pictures and local content, join in the fun over at the on Facebook. And if you are thinking of relocating to Southport, check for additional info.


Southport NC- Spring Festival, Chili Cook-Off, Azaleas, and More…

Springfest1_500Every year, and the help us celebrate the arrival of Spring in Southport. This will be the 27th Annual Spring Festival featuring over 100 crafters, live entertainment, local food vendors, a kid's playground and games, and an azalea plant sale. The festival runs 10 am-5pm April 6th and 7th. On Saturday is the big Chili Cook-off  prepared by locals who know how to make it best. Tickets are $5, and this year there are 9 entries including the Coast Guard's SAR Alarm Chili, Southport Fire Department's Firehouse Chili, Gray Connelly's Devil's Sphincter Chili, the Jamaican Jerks Chili Team from Lumberton, Richard Hinnant's Kickin' Black-eyed Chili, Southport Sailing's Boat House Chili, PJ Brown's Zydeco Chili, the State Port Pilot's Hot off the Press Chili, and the Trinity United Methodist Women's Church Lady Chili! Also on Saturday is a 5k run/walk at 8:00am.

Every year the attendance has grown… I hear 12,000 are expected! It's great to see so many folks around this week, strolling, sitting at the waterfront, eating hotdogs and ice cream cones… It feels almost like the 4th of July… but lots cooler!!!  Speaking of cooler, wow! I thought our entire Winter was nothing short of amazing… and Spring has not disappointed. It has been just gorgeous, week after week. My only complaint is the bloom came early and went quickly.

For anyone in town over Easter that's been looking at the possibility of buying a home or weekend getaway in Southport, there are finally a few new listings that are intriguing I think. I'll be around all weekend if you see anything you'd like to take a peek at. You can reach me on my cell at 910.540.0551 or me.

DSCF5451_500[9]  E West  dry st

So get out and enjoy yourselves! Southport has so many great places to eat these days… Check out for links to area restaurants. AND you can vote for your favorite! You're also welcome to join in the fun in the Happy Spring everyone… Summer will be here before ya know it!

spring_14  N Lord
lord wisteria_3   spring 2012_12
caswell3  spring 2012_9

And a fantastic festival it was! After the rains cleared late Friday, Saturday could not have been prettier. The whole town was packed to the gills and having a great time. If you missed it, check out the recap below...



Southport NC– Fall is in the Air


Kate_89_500My daughter Kate, when she was little, used to say when she was really excited, "Yipeee, Yip! Yip! Yip!" just for emphasis. She coined it but we've all used it ever since when we want to show a little extra enthusiasm. So that's how I'm feeling right now with the change in seasons, marked by cool nights, even cooler mornings, sparkles on the water, and all the other telltale signs of Fall.

There are pleRedMollynty of happenings coming up so lets get to it. Starting out, if you haven't ventured out to Frank yet for a play or a concert, you owe it to yourself to do so. For the few that made it out for last night, what a treat that was! These talented ladies just raised the bar for live music in Southport and undoubtedly made some new fans. As Brunswick County's newest performing arts theater, 81 seats create an intimate environment for audiences and performers . Playhouse 211 also is the only theatre in the County to offer beer and wine during performances. Coming up is jazz great September 30 - October 2. Fri/Sat shows begin at 7 and Sun at 3.   910.200.7785  

"Frank Vignola is one of the most extraordinary guitarists performing before the public today. His stunning virtuosity has made him the guitarist of choice for many of the world's top musicians, including Ringo Starr, Madonna, Donald Fagen, Wynton Marsalis, Tommy Emmanuel, the Boston Pops, the New York Pops, and guitar legend Les Paul, who named Vignola to his "Five Most Admired Guitar List" for the Wall Street Journal. Vignola's jaw-dropping technique explains why the New York Times deemed him "one of the brightest...stars of the guitar". : $30 per person

flounderIt's not too late fishermen. Coming up this Saturday the 24th is the 4th annual . This is a benefit tournament for Brandon Matthews – "He is a great emblem of “Old Southport” and the tradition of Robert Ruark. Just the same, he represents the new generations of anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. This tournament is a dedication to and reflection of Brandon and the invaluable Cape Fear River." Read Brandon's story . Captains Meeting & Registration on Friday 9/23 from 5-8pm at the Wildlife Boat Ramp on Fish Factory Road. 910.363.4038

Contact Kerry Matthews for any questions you can email her at

Meanwhile, back in Southport, is the 2nd annual on the 24th fromwooden boat show 10-4. This is an event that showcases the historic heritage of wooden boats and their commercial and recreational value to Southport and the surrounding area. Providing education and enjoyment of the crafts, skills, and knowledge related to wooden boats, their construction, their history and their restoration. Wooden Boats, demonstrations, nautical/maritime exhibits and vendors, children's events, and participation from NC Maritime Museum @ Southport. Old Yacht Basin Area Bay & Moore Streets. Southport . Contact: Jeanne Crabtree at 910.457.5223. Organized by the Southport Wooden Boat Show Committee of .

ArtisansGalleryThe Artisans of St. James are hosting a fun "red carpet" event at the St. James Community Center on Tuesday, September 27, 2011, from 7-9 PM. This "Evening with the Arts" will have Broadway-themed entertainment as well as an art show and competition, and a 50/50 raffle. Proceeds will provide art scholarships for area seniors going on to study art and art materials grants for Brunswick County teachers.

Your $10 ticket for this benefit includes a glass of wine or soft drink and an opportunity to vote for your favorite Broadway-inspired piece of art, done by members of the Artisans. There are no sales permitted that evening … this is a fun “get to know the artists” event! There will also be musical entertainment. The Community Center is located on 211 across from the St. James entrance. Tickets to "with Regards to Broadway" may be charged by phone at 253-0767 ext. 3 or purchased at the following locations Artistry, Baked with Love, Boo & Roo's, Cattail Cottage, Ricky Evans Art Gallery, and Uncorked by the Sea Wine Shop & Gallery. Checks should be made payable to "The Artisans of St. James". For questions, email

Thousands of fishermen will descend on Southport September 29 - October 1, 2011 for the annual Over $100,000 in prizes. Come to and watch the boats bring in their fish to the official weigh-in. There'll be lots of entertainment, food, and beer on tap on Saturday. If you're an early riser it's so worth it to go down to the waterfront at daybreak and watch the hundreds of boats come out of the ICW headed out to sea. The tournament brings an estimated 2 million dollar impact with it to Southport and the Brunswick County area. One of the unique aspects of this tournament is the fact that most of the winning fish are caught within 15 miles of shore, with some caught much closer inshore. This allows a 16’ skiff to compete with the big rigs of a 40’ offshore monster.

Captain CharliesJust for the youngsters is the Captain Charlie's Kid's Fishing Tournament, also on Saturday the 1st from 9 to noon. Bring a rod and bait to the City pier at 8:30 for registration. The first 100 kids receive a free T-shirt, and there are free hot dogs and drinks for everyone. There is a fish-bowl drawing for prizes throughout the tournament; the prize for the biggest fish is a rod and reel, and there are many other prizes donated by merchants. Best of all, this is a catch-and-release tournament — an environmental lesson for kids. Free event sponsored by the and the . For more info you can call "Cookie" Moore at 910.457.7945.

Southport is also sponsoring a Senior Fishing Tournament for the 55 and over crowd on the next Saturday, October 8th. Again, bring your rod and bait and a valid NC Fishing Permit.

Well folks, you're just going to have to stay tuned. I had intended to get through the end of October but there is just way to much fun stuff coming up in Southport later on October leading up to the Halloween. I'll have to save it for next time. Meanwhile, get out and enjoy the changing season. Walking, paddling, biking, fishing, you name it…it's ALL GOOD right now!




Southport NC 4th of July 2011 – At a Glance

4th_41a With the 4th of July in Southport behind us, here is a look back at just a few of the highlights among the many at this year’s festival. Not a drop of rain fell on Southport during the 4 days although it would have been welcome. Highs were in the 90’s but the steady breezes blew and we all know it could have been HOTTER.

Certainly the proudest moment this year’s celebration was the arrival of the . The 20’ x 30’ flag, left in shreds after the collapse of the North Tower almost 10 years ago, has been restored and still being patched with smaller retired flags from around the country on its 50 state tour. Even a portion of the flag that laid under Lincoln's head the night he was shot, is now sewn in and part of the . A local couple whose son died in the North Tower on 911 is responsible for the great honor in getting the touring flag's only stop in North Carolina… AND over the 4th of July no less!

4th_45It was a great week of non-stop fun for those willing to battle the heat and the traffic. For those living or visiting friends downtown, porch-sitting, crowd-watching, corn-holing, and other various modes of "chillin" were a welcomed respite. It is always inspiring to be reminded that patriotism and "love of Country" are alive and well in the heart of America.

"It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope."  Robert Kennedy

Maybe I can save up all these feelings of pride gathered up over the last few days, put them in my pocket, and pull them out on rainy days... Thanks to the thousands that came together and made our little town the BEST place to celebrate the birth of our freedom.

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