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Southport NC – January Days

jan_14 Aaah January, please don’t make me a complainer… I’m not fond of them.  And don’t make me a liar. I don’t like them either. I have told folks repeatedly over the years how great the winters are here in Southport. And it’s true, they are… well up until last year anyway. Last year was the first year I remember such a cold December, followed by a colder than normal January and early February, and then BAM, it was over. Normally December is one of the great months with day temps hovering in the 60s and cool but not yet cold nights. And this year, the cold came early again, and it came hard, and now it’s the end of January and it hasn’t let up a bit! Well it did for New Year’s but only for maybe a day…

I’m sure anyone from "up North" reading this has to be rolling their eyes right now 'cause what can we here in coastal North Carolina possibly know about cold? Well you win…we know nothing when it comes to cold, and snow, and winters that go on way too long. It’s hard to believe I worked outside every day for over 25 years, in every kind of weather. It’s been almost 5 years now since I changed paths… I love what I am doing but I realize the truth is that I have gone soft! So I apologize for being a weenie and now havingjan_9 been allowed to vent, vow to get through the remaining days of Winter with a better attitude.

So what am I getting to? Well nothing really. It is January…things are quiet, business is slow, and all I have to show for it are my new monthly and a few pictures to share I took the other evening in the most beautiful light that followed our little dusting of . There are lots of positive year over year stats in Southport’s local housing market so I am optimistic for an active Spring and the warm sunny days that will will be here before you know it. Bring it on!

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