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southport city pier November is my favorite month in Southport, for many reasons. There’s finally a little nip in the air but the days are still warm, the skies are bright Carolina blue, the summer tourists are a distant memory, and sailors and fisherman dot the waterfront.

It’s a bit premature, but a wanted to offer a glimpse of homes that have since January 1. The market has held up well here, in spite of the soft market and tight-fisted lending practices that have stymied even the most qualified buyers. Those that have been able to take advantage of the great prices and historically low interest rates, are no doubt feeling a bit smug right now, and are down right happy to be here.

So with single-family homes SOLD in Southport as my search target, 28 homes have sold this year. I went back to January 1, but actually all have sold since April. I’m only going to highlight those that Southport Realty was a player, 12 to be exact, but if you are as curious as I am, you will find this interesting. The average price for all sold was $158/sf. There were a few “as is” fixer uppers that sold for less that $100/sf and some renovated and newer homes thaSouthportNC_500t sold in the mid $250/sf, and as high as $300/sf. So averages, are just that … averages … with location, condition, and hardships all swaying the final bill.

As a long-time resident and local buyer’s agent, I still love my job. It’s not a good living for those of us trying to stick it out in a struggling economy. But opportunities are very much out there for folks who have dreamed of a second home or that want to retire or relocate to Southport. The climate and the unique lifestyle here will continue to attract buyers, and I am happy to help you find your own little slice of it to call home.

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