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Snow in Southport – We Waited a Long Time

 Whsouthport snow_16en the weather man started calling for snow here, I was immediately skeptical. The accepted rule of thumb around here is…if they predict it, it will NOT come. All the snow I’ve seen here over the last almost thirty years resulted from moisture from off shore colliding with cold air inland, bringing snow to the coast but nowhere else.  All the typical West to East snow storms that track across the Carolinas, almost always leave us missing it by a hair.

So we tend to remember the years that have brought snow accumulation to Southport. Probably none will ever match the mighty Christmas Eve Blizzard of 1989 that brought us a record-breaking 18 inches. All that being said, we did get a beaut in a small heavy package, delivering an awe-inspiring layer of white to our coastal landscape.

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