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Southport NC - Nov 6 Election is HOT, HOT, HOT

southport nc real estate What has been my biggest obstacle in the picture-taking mode I've been in lately? Well here in Southport NC, and I'm sure in many other towns across America, we have been overtaken by an outside invader, that clashes badly with picturesque persona we have become famous for. OK, I'll just come right out with it; "THE PROLIFERATION OF ELECTION SIGNS HAS GOTTEN OUT OF HAND!" Now you're probably thinking, "How can a Southport Realtor possibly have the nerve to write a blog complaining about local election signs?"
This really opens up a can of worms and I'm not sure where I want to go with this. First I guess I would like to back up a minute and say that we have, I believe, an extremely important election coming up in both Southport and in Brunswick County. In Southport we actually have a real honest-to-goodness Mayoral race. Norman Holden the current Mayor, who has held the office off and on again for 22 years is ready to step down. This important contest is between two Southport natives, Paul Fisher,a current Alderman of a dozen years, and Sandy Spencer, a 6-year member of the Planning Board. Southport, and its fabled charm is at a crossroads,southport nc real estate trying to balance its historic waterfront assets with the many big growth issues the Town is facing. Fisher may have served Southport well, but the public interest in bringing in "new blood" favors Spencer. Sandy's biggest concerns for Southport, are heightened scrutiny on development with a push towards lower density, reducing the current allowable building height, and controlled limitations enacted and enforced on potential "permitted uses." I say, "Here, Here" to that. In the Aldermen race for Ward 1, three candidates are vying for one seat. The newcomer is Wendy Long. I don't know her but I very much like what she has to say about the issues facing Southport. She may not stand a chance but hopefully she'll stay involved with local issues and continue to speak out. So it's down to multi-term incumbent Meezie Childs, and Donnie Potter, a life-long resident and former Planning Board member who has serious issues with the current Board of Aldermen. Both are Downtown Southport business owners and have personal and professional reasons for protecting Southport from unregulated growth.

Over on the other side of Southport, in Ward 2, five are running for two Aldermen spots. The two incumbents, Stuart Callari, and Jim Powell are speaking out adamantly to convey their accomplishments. And in many areas, they have made great strides. At the same time, they, along with the other members of the current Board, are fighting back to dispel southport nc real estateaccusations placing responsibility on their collective shoulders for the awful "shoe box" condos, that are near completion on the old American Fish property. Easily the most talked about topic around the "water cooler" for months now, the finger-pointing continues to proliferate. That these out-of-place structures could be built on Southport's picture-perfect, low-profile water skirt is a travesty. Aldermen say they never voted on it. They point to the Planning Board giving the developers no choice. Since I haven't read the minutes, I guess I don't know the full story. But common sense tells me that the Aldermen saying "it's not our fault" may fall flat when it comes to voting on Tuesday. Vying for their seats are Jawantana Frink and Ed Boguskie, speaking the rallying cry of much needed change, which seems to be a universal platform of every election, whether local, state, or national.

The other high profile issue to be voted on is the highly publicized "Brunswick County Land Transfer Tax," a proposed .4% tax on real estate sales to be earmarked for roads and schools. I wrote at some length about this in an earlier blog. I would welcome anyone to read it and comment if they wish. I'm still leaning against the seemingly unanimous Realtor tide on this.

Now all the above being said, I admire and respect anyone who runs and serves in public office. It's so easy for the rest of us to sit back and be critical. For our local officials, the work is tough, and subject to relentless public scrutiny. But when it comes right down to it, we all want the same things. We all want growth management in order to protect all the things the love about Southport, its charm, its historic homes and small businesses, its magnificent live oaks, and its beautiful waterfront. It sounds so simple. Can we rise to the task? Please vote. Oh yeah, about those election signs.......

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