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Southport NC - Hello Spring! We Have Been Waiting for You!

6Like everyone else, I have been patiently waiting for the sweet arrival of Spring! Not that we here in Southport can complain about our winters here... I know it's all relative but STILL!!!! For folks that moved here seeking respite from all those COLD places, I'm sure they were starting to think, "What the heck… we've been duped!"

So here it is April, and we are starting anew. If you haven't noticed, our magnificent Live Oak canopy is shedding profusely right now. It's an evergreen oak that keeps its leaves all winter, only to lose them all when the new buds push them off in the Spring. You would think it was Fall right now if it weren't for all the blooming azaleas, camellias, jasmine and wisteria blooming everywhere.

If you're going to be around Easter weekend, the official kick-off of Spring in Southport is the held every year at Franklin Square Park, a 25 year tradition. Running from 10am until 5pm on Friday and 10am until 4pm on Saturday, this festival features a wide variety of activities such as musical entertainment, handmade arts and crafts, children’s activities, azaleas and other plants for sale, and food vendors. Included is a Chili Cook-Off, so get your taste buds ready to vote for the People’s Choice Award. Hope to see you there!

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