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It's a Start.......

My first post and the big news is that I got my brand-new website up and going yesterday. It's a work-in progress but I was pretty fed up fooling with it so I just hit the "Publish" button and off she flew. The message said it would probably take 24 to 48 hrs before I could log on but after about 5 minutes, I couldn't resist. I typed in my web browser and BAM!.... there it was........amazing. My feelings of satisfaction didn't last long, as I was on to "traffic" setups....keywords, metatags, robots, spiders, and the like.
I don't have any well thought out aspirations for this blog. It may end up as nothing but a personal log, cause who has time to read this stuff, and frankly, who cares? If I can strike up a few conversations with fellow Southportians about the "goings on" around town, the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly, I'll be happy.
Ann and I caught the next to the last show of Children of Eden at the Amuzu last night. The Stage II Production's cast gave stand-up performance before an overflowing crowd. The Cambell/Bridgers troupe carried the show solidly as expected. And Morganna Bridgers once again stole the show in the difficult-to-pull-off gospel number "Ain't it Good." And it was.
And Leesa, happy landings......I'll do my best to hold down the fort.....and I'll be listening to my favorite music station all cranked up....and selling lots of real estate of course!